Training Update: January 2019

An important factor in the success of your business lies in the hands and minds of the people who come to work for you every day. A successful business is one where every individual is working towards the same overall goals. Operations and EHS goals must be included among these. Onboarding new employees to your business is a continual process. If you make learning a priority from day one you will begin to build up the employee who knows that health and safety is a core value at the company. The best time to start a new habit is when there is a clean slate. Introducing health and safety processes and expectations to employees during the new-hire orientation is one of the keys to their success. New-hire safety orientation is a foundation to a strong safety culture. What does your new-hire safety orientation look like? Does it include company safety policies and expectations? Does it discuss hazard recognition and incident reporting procedures? Do you have a checklist to help ensure that all of the relevant items get covered in the new-hire orientation? For assistance, use the specific training requirements found within the OSHA standards.

Covering the proper OSHA subject matter along with the covering of your company policies and procedures will help ensure that the employees are getting the best start in a safe and healthy journey at your company. Please contact us at any time if you have questions related to EHS education and training in your work environment. For more information contact Tony Smith – ISRI’s Director of Safety Outreach.

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