EHS Training Update: December 2018

In the EHS world education and training is one of the pillars to a sound management system. In the OSHA toolbox there are many resources to help you guide your safety program in the right direction. OSHA has education and training resources that can act as guides in helping you to know the subject matter that you are required to train on and how to set up a solid record keeping system for your safety program. No matter which management system you use to guide your safety program be sure that the education and training function is clearly defined within it. This will help you sleep better at night knowing that all of the bases are covered within your organization and that the best possible knowledge and information is being conveyed to those who need it to do their job successfully.

Throughout next year this section will be covering the training requirements according to the Federal OSHA standards. Following these requirements is a must for any business and ISRI is here to help you to better understand how to navigate this system. Please contact us at any time if you have questions related to EHS education and training in your work environment. For more information contact ISRI’s Director of Safety Outreach Tony Smith.

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