Washington Fly-In, Summer 2018

More than 50 ISRI members attended the Fly-In breakfast held at the Capitol Hill Club.
DSC7623_250Congressman George Holding (R-NC), a member of the House Trade Committee, provided an insider’s view of the trade situation by explaining the Administration’s trade strategy. Following, the breakfast ISRI members fanned out across Capitol Hill and visited with their Congressmen and U.S. Senators to discuss several issues key to the scrap recycling industry including the importance of trade, transportation problems, and the regulatory mistreatment of scrap commodities as solid waste.

Why this matters … Unless elected officials are informed about the scrap recycling industry, in most instances they will know little or nothing about it. But, if they are informed about the industry when legislation arises that, in whole or in part, is adverse to the interests of the industry, they may vote against such a bill. The easiest way to explain why meeting with elected officials about your business and industry matters is to say that if you are not at the table (informing legislators about your business and industry) you’re on the menu.

But, but, but … Any and every ISRI member who participates in ISRI’s advocacy efforts is helping all ISRI members. Next year, however, we hope to see well more than 50 members enjoying the Capitol Hill experience.

Next steps … Fly-ins are one of the best advocacy tools the association has to demonstrate the impact of constituent grassroots. ISRI members are encouraged to continue conversations with their elected representatives and extend to them invitations to visit member facilities. Advocacy training is available online for members. Should you want to schedule meetings in Washington, DC, ISRI staff will help guide your visits. Contact Billy Johnson at (202) 662-8548.


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