Understanding Canadian Retaliatory Tariffs and Aluminum

Several ISRI members have inquired about the commodities covered under Canada’s import tariffs in response to the U.S. tariffs imposed on Canadian imports of steel and aluminum stemming from the Section 232 investigations.
The Canadian product list is available for review.

Why it’s important … Of particular interest for aluminum market participants, the aluminum products on the Canadian list start at HS heading 7604 (which covers bars, rods, and profiles), and therefore does not include either primary or secondary (scrap) aluminum ingot that fall under heading 7601. However, heading 7601 is included on the U.S. Section 232-related product list, and therefore any primary or secondary aluminum ingot imports from Canada should be subject to the corresponding 10 percent tariff level. Of note, U.S. Customs and Border Protection advises that importers of those products from Canada should add the following HTS classification:

“Aluminum Products”

In addition to reporting the regular Chapter 76 of the HTS classification for the imported merchandise, importers must report the following HTS classification for imported merchandise subject to the additional duty: 9903.85.01 (10 percent ad valorem additional duty for aluminum products).”

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