• Near-Miss

Fire - Loaded Baled Light Iron

Incident Date: 06/26/18

Incident Description:  Employee loaded baled light iron into 80yd trailer with material handler.  The load was scaled and was deemed acceptable weight to ship.  While pulling off of the truck scale, an employee in the area reported on the yard radio that he smelled something burning.  Just as the truck was nearing the exit gate of the facility, another employee noticed smoke rising from the trailer.  The employee who noticed the smoke, radioed the driver to inform him to stop immediately.  Other employees reported to the scene with fire extinguishers.  It was decided to clear customers from the area and immediately dump the load as the smoke intensified.  When the load was dumped a material handler operator segregated the light iron bale that was on fire.  Employees used fire extinguishers to put out the fire from the bale.  The fire company arrived moments later and soaked the remainder of the load with water to prevent further smoldering. The fire was a result of a battery that was still attached to a motorized power-chair.  

Corrective Action:  Review the safe handling and packaging procedures of batteries of all varieties with all staff members.  Review this report with all employees.

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