Texas UXO: Regulation Fix in the Works

Texas recyclers have been working with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to modify regulations that did not reflect protections for recyclers who unknowingly acquire unexploded ordinance (UXO).

Passed in 2017 Texas SB 202.

Why this matters: The initial regulations could leave a recycler open to penalties even if they complied with the statute.

Once available, ISRI will link to the notice on our Texas Resources and Tracking page (member login required).

Bottom line: Quick action by ISRI members ensures that recyclers who unknowingly acquire UXO are protected, but this situation also highlights the need to remain engaged in state policy at all levels.

Go deeper: If you have any questions or concerns about pending legislation or regulations or the existing scrap metal requirements in your state, you can always access the tracking tools and state metals theft law summaries on the State Resources and Tracking pages or contact SPAN Main

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