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Transportation Incident - Tractor Trailer

Incident Date: 12/08/17

Incident Description: One of the company Tractor-trailers was parked in an area and preparing to dump a load when the yard jockey could not make the turn off of the scale with a trailer to be loaded.  Yard jockey called for the other driver to move the tractor out of the way over the radio and learned that the driver was completing some paperwork in the maintenance office.  Yard jockey noticed that the load to be dumped was still netted (tarped) and decided to assist the other driver with removing the netting while waiting for the driver to come back.  The netting got caught on the trailer and the yard jockey climbed the trailer.  The driver returned to his truck and started moving it out of the way, not realizing there was somebody on top of his trailer.  Truck moved approximately 20 feet before driver realized there was a person on his trailer and immediately stopped, put the truck in park and assisted yard jockey in untarping the load and getting down from trailer.   

Corrective Action: Nobody should have been on top of the trailer.  Temporary netting is designed to be cut and pulled from trailer from the ground or "break-away" in the course of dumping if it gets caught. Everyone should do a "360 walk around" of their equipment to inspect for safety hazards before operating it.  Yard jockey should have removed keys from truck ignition (LOTO) and placed them in his pocket if he absolutely needed to climb trailer.

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