State Superfund Recycling Equity Act (SREA) Equivalents

With the passage of SB 181, South Carolina became the 7th state to enact a SREA equivalent in its state Superfund law.

SB 181 uses a similar strategy to that employed in Tennessee last year by simply stating that, for the purposes of the state's superfund law, the provisions of SREA shall apply. A similar bill in North Carolina has passed the legislature and was signed by the Governor on July 21. Unfortunately, the third SREA equivalent bill that was being considered, Texas HB 1856, was held in the Senate until the session adjourned after receiving a unanimous vote in the House.

ISRI has recently added links to our State Policy Resources pages to each state's Superfund law, as well as information on the seven states (AR, FL, GA, MI, PA, SC, & TN) that have adopted provisions similar to SREA. In the overwhelming number of states without a SREA equivalent statute, it is possible that scrap processors potentially could be subject to liability if the action is brought under the state Superfund law. For more information on state SREA efforts, please contact Danielle Waterfield at (202) 662-8516.


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