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Confined Space - Torchman Cutting Steel

Incident Date: 06/06/17

Incident Description: Torchman cutting a steel tube 3 ft. in diameter when he crawled inside without notifying anyone else to torch it from the inside thereby creating a (1) A confined space with danger of smoke inhalation and burns from sparks and slag and (2) Making his location unknown to others in the area, including material handler operators who could have lifted and moved the tube.  

Corrective Action: Torchman was reported to management for safety violation by Material Handler Operator.  Upon meeting with Torchman and explaining the safety implications of his actions, Torchman was suspended without pay for 3 days per company policy.1.) Communication among workforce is paramount.  All employees must be empowered to "See something and say something" because it can prevent injury and/or save a life. 2.) Material Handler Operator suggested having all employees who are working around machines in the yard to wear safety-colored helmets to improve visibility around scrap metal.

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