Metals Theft: New ISRI Electronic Reporting Policy Adopted

A new Electronic Reporting Policy was adopted during ISRI's April 4 Board Meeting to replace the previous position statement.

The new policy does not take a position on electronic reporting, per se, but instead outlines provisions that must be in place to provide adequate protection for recyclers and their customers if a governing body is contemplating requiring electronic reporting of scrap metal transactions.

The language is intended to set out an inclusive policy that would not require an opt-out option for chapters or states as did the previous position statement. The new policy is intended to provide guidance for members' advocacy efforts where electronic reporting is actively being considered and to serve as an informational leave-behind when meeting with policymakers. To obtain a copy of the new policy please contact Justin Short. For questions about how this new policy may apply in your state, ISRI encourages members to consult with their chapter leaders or contact Danielle Waterfield at ISRI headquarters.

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