EPA Launches Campaign Supporting Recyclers

May 26, 2020

“Right now, there is a critical need for raw materials in the manufacturing supply chain, especially paper and cardboard,” said EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler in a press release. “Business closures and limited operations means less recycled material for American manufactures, and we all must do our part to recycle more and recycle right to fill this immediate need.”

The three videos produced by the EPA showcase how essential recycling is and the important role our industry plays in the economy. This public outreach effort will help Americans rediscover recycling in a new way, and increase the supply of quality material during a critical time of need. It is something that everyone can do to make a difference.

Behind the scenes, ISRI worked with the EPA and other stakeholders on some of the key messages outlined:

  • Recyclable materials provide valuable feedstock to American manufacturers;
  • Recycling is an essential part of our daily lives, and is playing an important role during the Coronavirus pandemic;
  • Individuals should follow their local guidelines to ensure proper recycling; and
  • PPE such as masks and gloves should be disposed and not recycled.

The series includes a video, “COVID-19” in which Secretary Wheeler calls on all Americans to recycle more and recycle right. “Right now there is a critical need for all raw materials in the manufacturing supply chain, especially paper and cardboard,” Wheeler says. He goes on to say that proper recycling will ensure the manufacturing supply chain will remain open and essential goods will be delivered.

Another video, “Recycling During the Health Crisis” highlights the critical role recycling is playing during COVID-19. It encourages people to recycle correctly so material is available to manufacture goods for frontline workers and to produce the packaging needed for deliveries.

The third video, “Don’t Recycling PPE,” emphasizes the need to recycling right, which includes properly disposing of PPE in the trash. Items such as masks and gloves are not recyclable.

These strong messages delivered by the EPA are evidence of just how essential our industry is to our current health crisis and beyond. It is a testament to each and every recycling worker and the contribution they make to their communities and the broader economy.

Please share these videos on your social media networks, websites, and other ways of outreach. Sharing these messages far and wide will demonstrate the power of recyclers!

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