Century Club to Have Its Day at ISRI2018

Mar 12, 2018

-By Manny Bodner and Barry Hunter

Anyone who has a combined age and years of active participation in ISRI and/or its predecessor organizations, Institute of Scrap Iron and Steel, National Association of Recycling Industries, and/or Paper Stock Institute that meets or exceeds 100 years, whether or not you are still working, is encouraged to join this prestigious group.

ISRI’s Century Club is intended to provide members with a means to maintain the industry relationships and friendships developed over the years, as well as the opportunity to contribute knowledge and expertise to the ever-growing and ever-changing scrap recycling industry.

With the complete support of ISRI leadership, our first official meeting of ISRI’s Century Club will occur during ISRI2018, on April 17. Dubbed “Century Club Day at ISRI2018”, members will begin the day by teaming up with ISRI’s Young Executives group for a light-hearted and fun session during which the Century Club and Young Execs will discuss the industry and its many changes over the years. Next, Century Club members will be invited to tour the ISRI2018 Exhibit Hall. The day concludes with a Century Club Member-Private reception.

We hope all those who qualify will share in our excitement and take advantage of this opportunity to join your fellow ISRI Centenarians by embarking on this next phase of ISRI involvement – sharing fun programs, fond memories, and social events throughout the year as organized by the group.

For more information and to apply for Century Club membership, please visit the ISRI website and complete the application.

England has Sir Winston Churchill; the USA has FDR; the ISRI Centenarians have Barry and Manny!” – Many Bodner. Manny can be reached at (713) 248-0396.

Barry Hunter is the catalyst behind the effort to organize the ISRI Century Club, and will continue as Co-Chair alongside Manny Bodner. Barry can be reached at (201) 259- 5075.

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