ISRI Members Establish an Identity for Recycling at NCSL

Aug 17, 2015

Once again, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) conference in Seattle was a huge success. This year had a record attendance of over 5,000 attendees with over 2,000 legislators and staff participating. A huge round of applause to Danielle Waterfield, Justin Short, Randy Goodman, and especially to all the members of the Pacific Northwest Chapter and the equipment vendors who went above and beyond to make sure the conference lunch exhibit was entertaining and informative. I also want to thank the members of the West Coast Chapter and the Rocky Mountain Chapter for their commitment and involvement. Each and every ISRI member who attended this conference contributed to the positive awareness campaign we have all been working toward.

I started attending the NCSL conference 5 years ago in San Antonio. I distinctly remember introducing myself as a member of ISRI to anyone wearing a legislator badge. It did not make any difference to me which state they were from, just that they were a legislator. I also distinctly remember the resounding response I received from each and every one of them, which was, “WHO, I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF YOU.” ISRI’s decision to step up to the plate 5 years ago and sponsor the late night party was the first step. The decision 4 years ago to become a platinum sponsor was a monumental step in that we were then playing at the same level as some of our biggest advisories. The decision 3 years ago to sponsor the luncheon put us on a playing field far above and enviable to everyone else. ISRI’s Danielle Waterfield’s election to the Board of Directors solidifies our presence and insures our members that we are well represented as a viable industry. There is no better opportunity or venue to promote our industry and get our message to that many legislator’s and staff at one time. This is grassroots efforts at its best. It is imperative we maintain our current position and status within the NCSL. THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE NOW!!!!

Once again, thanks to everyone that contributed or participated in this year’s NCSL conference. Without all of you none of this is possible. If we really want to elevate our status and promote our industry, we should try to have at least one member from every state at next year’s conference in Chicago. Now there’s a thought!!!!!!

Warner Key is general manager for Hobbs Iron & Metal, a member of ISRI. This blog is part of a series written by ISRI members who attended NCSL offering their perspective and a behind the scenes look.

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