Get Ahead of Future Opportunities and Challenges in High-Growth Economies,
March 1 - 12, 2020

In partnership with the U.S. Department of Commerce, ISRI is leading a members-only trade mission to Indonesia and Malaysia, two dynamic economies that present significant business growth opportunities for ferrous and nonferrous recycling and scrap consumption.

indonesiaA $1 trillion economy growing at 5.2%, with 40% made up of the industrial sector (oil and gas, automotive, electrical appliances, mining). U.S. metal scrap exports to Indonesia grew over 340% in 2018.
malaysiaA $310 billion economy growing at 5.4%, with 37% made up of the industrial sector (oil and gas, light manufacturing, electronics, and semiconductors). U.S. metal scrap exports to Malaysia grew nearly 500% in 2018.

The Mission Includes:

  • Commercial Networking. Meet potential business partners, including recyclers, traders, brokers, and consumers. Get to know U.S. Embassy officials that will support your business development.
  • Relationships with Policymakers and Regulators. Interact with national and local officials to enhance your understanding of how to do business in these countries. Advocate for free and fair trade of scrap commodities and responsible recycling to ensure future growth potential.
  • Market Analysis. Explore consumer demand for metal scrap commodities. Investigate infrastructure capacity for recycling and scrap trade.

Eligibility Requirements

ISRI member companies that process, trade, and/or broker ferrous and/or nonferrous metals, and members that provide equipment and services for ferrous and nonferrous metal processing, are eligible to take part in the trade mission.

The U.S. Department of Commerce requires the trade mission to “have, as a primary objective, the promotion of U.S.-produced goods and services and/or the establishment of marketing representation abroad. Goods and/or services promoted must either be manufactured or produced in the United States, or, if manufactured or produced outside of the United States, be marketed under the name of a U.S. firm and have U.S. content representing at least fifty-one percent of the value of the finished goods or services.”

Thus, the mission is open only to representatives of ISRI member companies that meet these qualifications.

Many destinations on the mission – scrapyards, ports, government buildings – may lack infrastructure or universally accessible facilities. Participants should be able to walk and/or stand for an hour or more on ground that may be uneven or unpaved.   Please contact us at for further information on trip conditions.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends travelers consider obtaining several vaccines before traveling to these countries.

Registration Process

Please note: Member Login is required to access and submit the pre-qualification form. To login, click the green login button located in the upper right corner of the page. Enter your login and password. You will be directed back to this page where you'll have access to the "Pre-qualification" form found under the Registration Process section.

All participants must be from ISRI member companies in good standing in both 2019 and 2020 and be pre-qualified before registering to ensure compliance with U.S. Department of Commerce requirements. Those interested in participating must submit a pre-qualification form that is available on the members-only section of the ISRI website – please be sure to have your login and password ready for both pre-qualification and for registration. The pre-qualification form can be submitted at any time prior to the opening of the registration period. Please allow up to two business days to receive confirmation that you have pre-qualified.

Pre-qualification does not guarantee a slot on the mission.

Pre-qualified participants will receive an email with a link to complete the online registration and pay a non-refundable deposit of $3,000. Registration is open. Participation is limited to the first twenty-five pre-qualified participants who pay the deposit on a first-come, first-served basis. Participation on the trade mission is not transferrable.*

Once the twenty-five spots are filled, a waiting list of pre-qualified members will be established.

Pricing & Travel Arrangements

The total cost is $7,700, which covers all expenses except trans-Pacific airfare. Participants will be responsible for booking and paying for their flight to Indonesia and their flight from Malaysia. ISRI will be responsible for making all other travel arrangements. A $3,000 non-refundable deposit is due at registration; participants will be invoiced for the $4,700 balance, which will be due in December.

Precautions When Traveling Overseas

Although we will take every precaution – in consultation with the U.S. Embassies – to ensure the safety of participants while in-country, the State Department has issued these warnings: 

  • Exercise increased caution in Indonesia due to terrorism and natural disasters. (Read the U.S State Department travel advisory for more information.)
  • Exercise normal precautions in Malaysia. (Read the U.S. State Department travel advisory for more information.)

* Extenuating circumstances may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions, please send an email with “Trade Mission” in the subject line to ensure a response within 24-48 hours.