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Auxiliary Containers

Electronics Recycling

Materials Theft

Recycled Content Mandates

  • RCW Title 70A, Ch. 245 Recycling, Waste, and Litter Reduction; § 70A.245.010 - § 70A.245.120 (as created by 2021 Washington SB 5022)
  • Washington DEC's 2021 Plastics Laws page includes compliance and rulemaking information on their recycled content mandates for the following products, as well as restrictions on single-use serviceware, phased EPS product ban, and plastic bag ban:
    • Plastic trash bags: 10% by 2023; 15% by 2025; 20% by 2027.
    • Plastic beverage bottles (except for dairy and 187ml wine): 15% by 2023; 25% by 2026; and 50% by 2031.
    • Household cleaner and personal care packaging: 15% by 2025; 25% by 2028; 50% by 2031.
    • Dairy and 187ml wine: 15% by 2028; 25% by 2031; 50% by 2036.

Scrap Yard / Junk Yard Zoning

State / Municipal Programs

  • Wash. Rev. Code Title 70A Environmental Health and Safety
    • Ch. 70A.240 Recycling Development Center; § 70A.240.010 to § 70A.240.040
    • Ch. 70A.520 Plastic Packaging - Evaluation and Assessment; § 70A.520.010 to § 70A.520.900 (ISRI note: directs the Dept. to report to the legislature by Oct. 31, 2020 on findings to reduce plastic packaging, including through industry initiative or Extended Producer Responsibility, to achieve 100% recyclable, reuseable, or compostable packaging and achieve at least 20% postconsumer recycled content by 2025)

State Superfund (no SREA equivalent)

Stormwater Permitting

Tire / Rubber

  • ISRI note: Wash. Rev. Code Title 70A, Ch. 70A.205, § 70.95.500 to § 70.95.570 are the primary tire recycling sections among those listed below.
  • Wash. Rev. Code Title 28A, Ch. 28A.355, § 28A.335.300 Playground matting. (ISRI note: requires school board of directors consider recycled rubber playground matting)
  • Wash. Rev. Code Title 43 State Government - Executive
    • Ch. 43.19, § 43.19.648 Publicly owned vehicles, vessels, and construction equipment—Fuel usage—Advisory committee—Tires. (ISRI note: procurement standards for tires)
    • Ch. 43.19A Recycled Product Procurement
      • § 43.19A.020 Recycled product purchasing—Federal product standards. (ISRI note: includes retread and remanufactured tires)
      • § 43.19A.050 Strategy for state agency procurement. (ISRI note: includes retread and remanufactured tires)
  • Wash. Rev. Code Title 46 Motor Vehicles
    • Ch. 46.04 Definitions
    • Ch. 46.37 Vehicle Lighting and Other Equipment
      • § 46.37.369 Wheels and front suspension.
      • § 46.37.420 Tires—Restrictions.
      • § 46.37.4215 Lightweight and retractable studs—Certification by sellers.
      • § 46.37.4216 Lightweight and retractable studs—Sale of tires containing.
      • § 46.37.423 Pneumatic passenger car tires—Standards—Exception for off-highway use—Penalty.
      • § 46.37.424 Regrooved tires—Standards—Exception for off-highway use—Penalty.
      • § 46.37.425 Tires—Unsafe—State patrol's authority—Penalty.
      • § 46.37.427 Studded tire fee.
      • § 46.37.539 Motorcycles and motor-driven cycles—Additional requirements and limitations. (ISRI note: requires compliance with § 46.37.420)
    • Ch. 46.79, § 46.79.020 Transporting junk vehicles to scrap processor—Removal of parts, restrictions. (ISRI note: permits hulk haulers and scrap processors to prepare vehicles and vehicle salvage by removing listed parts, including tires)
  • Wash. Rev. Code Title 47 Public Highways and Transportation
    • Ch. 47.04, § 47.04.010 Definitions. (ISRI note: defining terms for Title 47, includes tire definitions)
    • Ch. 47.41, § 47.41.020 Definitions. (ISRI note: screening and zoning requirements; "junk" includes rubber debris and parts of junked automobiles)
  • Wash. Rev. Code Title 70A Environmental Health and Safety
    • Ch. 70A.15 Washington Clean Air Act
      • § 70A.15.3600 Limitations on use of solid fuel burning devices. (ISRI note: includes rubber products)
      • § 70A.15.5010 Outdoor burning—Fires prohibited—Exceptions. (ISRI note: includes rubber products)
    • Ch. 70A.205 Solid Waste Management—Reduction and Recycling
      • § 70A.205.005 Legislative finding—Priorities—Goals. (ISRI note: states imperative need for recycling of discarded tires)
      • § 70A.205.010 Purpose. (ISRI note: includes encouraging storage, proper disposal, and recycling of discarded vehicle tires)
      • § 70A.205.210 Duties of department—State solid waste management plan—Assistance—Coordination—Tire recycling.
      • § 70A.205.240 Determination of best solid waste management practices—Department to develop method to monitor waste stream—Collectors to report quantity and quality of waste—Confidentiality of proprietary information. (ISRI note: § 70.95.290 includes tires in the evaluation)
      • § 70A.205.250 Solid waste stream evaluation. (ISRI note: includes tires in the evaluation under § 70.95.280)
      • § 70A.205.400 Disposal of vehicle tires outside designated area prohibited—Penalty—Exemption.
      • § 70A.205.405 Fee on the retail sale of new replacement vehicle tires.
      • § 70A.205.410 Fee on the retail sale of new replacement vehicle tires—Failure to collect, pay to department—Penalties.
      • § 70A.205.415 Waste tire removal account.
      • § 70.95.530 Waste tire removal account—Use—Information required to be posted to department's web site.
      • § 70A.205.420 Waste tire removal account—Use of moneys—Transfer of any balance in excess of one million dollars to the motor vehicle account.
      • § 70A.205.430 Disposition of fee.
      • § 70A.205.435 Cooperation with department to aid tire recycling.
      • § 70A.205.440 Waste tires—Definitions.
      • § 70A.205.445 Waste tires—License for transport or storage business—Requirements.
      • § 70A.205.450 Waste tires—Violation of RCW 70.95.555—Penalty.
      • § 70A.205.455 Waste tires—Contracts with unlicensed persons prohibited.
      • § 70A.205.460 Limitations on liability.
    • Ch. 70A.435 Replacement of Lead Wheel Weights
      • § 70A.435.030 Replacement of lead wheel weights with environmentally preferred wheel weights—Failure to comply.
      • § 70A.435.040 Department's duties—Enforcement sequence.
  • Wash. Rev. Code Title 81, Ch. 81.61 § 81.61.020 Minimum standards for safe maintenance and operation of passenger-carrying vehicles—Rules and orders—Scope. (ISRI note: grants the Utilities and Transportation Commission authority over passenger-carrying vehicles provided by a railroad to transport employees, including over tires)
  • Wash. Rev. Code Title 82 Excise Taxes
    • Ch. 82.08, § 82.08.036 Exemptions—Vehicle battery core deposits or credits—Replacement vehicle tire fees—"Core deposits or credits" defined. (ISRI note: retail sales tax does not include tire fee)
    • Ch. 82.12, § 82.12.038 Exemptions—Vehicle battery core deposits or credits—Replacement vehicle tire fees—"Core deposits or credits" defined. (ISRI note: Use Tax Chapter provisions do not apply to tire fee)
  • Wash. Rev. Code Title 87, Ch. 87.84, § 87.84.061 Directors—Additional powers. (ISRI note: grants the directors of an irrigation and rehabilitation district the power to regulate various items, including tires, except on state highways)

Vehicle Detitling / Dismantling

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