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Auxiliary Containers

Electronics Recycling

Materials Theft

Scrap Yard / Junk Yard Zoning

State Superfund (SREA equivalent)

  • Mich. Comp. Laws. Ch. 324, Act 451 of 1994, Art. II, Ch. 7, Part 201 Environmental Remediation, § 324.20101 to § 324.20142
    • Mich. Comp. Laws § 324.20126(l)(d)(i) Exempts from liability any party who arranges for "the sale or transport of a secondary material for use in producing a new product" after June 1, 1995. Retroactive unless the state incurred cleanup costs associated with such party's secondary material prior to December 17, 1999.
      "Secondary material" is defined as "scrap metal, paper, plastic, glass, textiles, or rubber, which has demonstrated reuse or recycling potential and has been separated or removed from the solid waste stream for reuse or recycling."

Stormwater Permitting

Tire / Rubber

  • ISRI note: MCL Ch. 324, Act 451 of 1994, Art. II, Ch. 5, Part 169 Scrap Tires is the primary tire recycling section among those listed below.
  • MCL Ch. 18, Act 431 of 1984, Ch. 2, § 18.1261a Recycled supplies, materials, and equipment; effect of noncompliance; exemption; cost considerations; report; “recycled materials” defined. (ISRI note: state agency purchasing preferences; includes retreaded tires)
  • MCL Ch. 124, Act 7 of 1967, § 124.508a Surcharge on households for waste reduction programs and collection of materials for recycling or composting. (ISRI note: includes tires)
  • MCL Ch. 257 Motor Vehicles
  • MCL Ch. 324, Act 451 of 1994, Art. II Pollution Control
    • Ch. 3, Part 115 Solid Waste Management
      • § 324.11502 Definitions; A to C. (ISRI note: "ashes" includes reside from burning tires)
      • § 324.11504 Definitions; H to P. (ISRI note: "low-hazard industrial waste" includes chipped or shredded tires; "mixed wood ash" and "pulp and paper mill ash" can include set percentages of tires)
      • § 324.11506 Definitions; S to Y. (ISRI note: "source separated material" includes chipped or whole tires used as TDF or other approved uses)
      • § 324.11514 Promotion of recycling and reuse of materials; electronics recycling; materials prohibited from disposal in landfill; disposal of yard clippings; report. (ISRI note: includes whole motor vehicle tires)
    • Ch. 5, Part 169 Scrap Tires; § 324.16901 to § 324.16911
    • Ch. 6, Part 196, § 324.19508 Use of money in fund allocated under MCL 324.19507 (...) (ISRI note: includes assisting recycling of solid wastes, including tires)
  • MCL 460 Public Utilities
    • Act 3 of 1939 Michigan Public Service Commission
      • § 460.6o Definitions; power purchase agreements for purchase of capacity and energy from resource recovery facilities; rates, charges, terms, and conditions of service; scrap tire; (...) annual accounting. (ISRI note: requirements for resource recovery facilities that incinerate scrap tires)
      • § 460.6r Definitions; steam supply cost recovery clause; (...) filing report with governor and legislature. (ISRI note: includes TDF purchases in "booked cost of steam")
    • Act 295 of 2008, Part 1. Clean and Renewable Energy and Energy Waste Reduction Act - General Provisions
      • § 460.1009 Definitions; N to P. (ISRI note: tires included as feedstock for a "pyrolysis facility")
      • § 460.1011 Definitions; R. (ISRI note: "renewable energy resource" excludes scrap tires)

Vehicle Detitling / Dismantling

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