State Specific Policy Resources: Iowa

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Auxiliary Containers

Materials Theft

Scrap Yard / Junk Yard Zoning

State Superfund (no SREA equivalent)

  • IAC Title XI, Ch. 455B Jurisdiction of Department of Natural Resources
    • § 455B.381 to § 455B.399
    • § 455B.423 to § 455B.431

Stormwater Permitting

Tire / Rubber

Vehicle Detitling / Dismantling

Iowa Code
  • Iowa Code Title VIII, Ch. 321. Motor Vehicles And Law Of The Road.
    • § 321.1. Definitions of words and phrases. (as amended by 2018 Iowa SF 2293)
    • § 321.52. Out-of-state sales - junked, dismantled, wrecked, or salvage vehicles.
    • § 321.52A. Certificate of title surcharge — allocation of moneys.
    • § 321.89. Abandoned vehicles.
    • § 321.90. Disposal of abandoned motor vehicles.
    • § 321.101. Suspension or revocation of registration or cancellation of certificate of title by department.
  • Iowa Code Title VIII, Ch. 321H. Vehicle Recyclers.
  • Iowa Code Title XI, Ch. 455B, Division XI - Vehicle Recycling - Mercury Reduction and Removal; § 455B.801 to § 455B.809
Iowa Administrative Code
  • IAC Rule 567-215 - Mercury-Added Switch Recovery From End-of-Life Vehicles
  • IAC Rule 701.34.5(11) (ISRI Note: Exempts purchases of vehicles by licensed vehicle recyclers from the use tax on vehicles subject to registration as long as the recycler sells only those parts or vehicles for which the recycler is licensed.)
  • Transportation Department (761)
    • IAC Rule 761-405 - Salvage
    • IAC Rule 761-424 - Transporter plates (includes authorized vehicle recycler who delivers vehicles in the course of the recycler's business).
    • IAC Rule 761-425.12(5) - (ISRI Note: Requires that, if a motor vehicle dealer also does business as a recycler, there must be separate parking for motor vehicles offered for sale from salvage vehicles.)
    • IAC Rule 761-431 - Vehicle Recyclers

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