Embrace traditional print media to leave a lasting impression.

Position your message where it will be top of mind for the senior-level professionals you seek. ISRI’s print opportunities provide your company with a proven connection to those who regularly access information and stay current with practical and useful information through ISRI printed resources to assist them run and grow their companies. 


Scrap Magazine

With a qualified circulation of more than 8,800*, including the complete ISRI membership, Scrap connects you with the best audience in the business.
*Based on Scrap’s December 2018 BPA circulation statement.


Membership Directory
& Industry Guide

Recyclers consider the ISRI directory as the most accurate listing of key companies and individuals in the recycling industry—period.


Wall Calendar

ISRI’s annual wall calendar gives you the unique opportunity to place an ad in a specific month while also having your logo appear at the bottom of each calendar month, which gives your firm ongoing exposure throughout the year.

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