MRF Council

The mission of the ISRI MRF Council is to provide a forum where processors of residential recycling (whether single-stream, dual-stream, or drop off programs), and the consumers of the materials generated by those programs, can exchange pertinent information, discuss and respond to emerging issues, and stay abreast of domestic and global economic developments and markets. Although jointly chaired by ISRI leaders from the plastics and paper divisions, recyclers and consumers from other commodities (glass, ferrous, non-ferrous, etc) with a stake in residential recycling are encouraged to participate.

The goals for the MRF Council during 2018-2020 are to:

1. Where appropriate, and without violating ISRI's Anti-Trust protocols, provide a forum for MRF operators to share best practices primarily in the areas of MRF Operations and Safety.

2. Develop programs that will improve markets for MRF commodities such as plastic, paper, glass and aluminum.

3. Work with other stakeholders to develop programs that will communicate the necessity of recycling and improve recycling rates, while minimizing contamination.

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