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Insurance Challenges for Scrap and Recycling Companies: What Do You Need to Know Moving Forward?

Hosted by the Circle of Safety Excellence COSE 
Thursday, December 10, 2020 | 2:00 - 3:00 p.m. (ET)

On any given day, your scrap metal business is busy with activity. With so much going on, having the right insurance solution can help protect your operation and keep it moving in the event of a loss.

The following topics will be addressed during this virtual event: 
  • Types of insurance required;
  • Preparing for insurance renewals;
  • Managing insurance claims;
  • And ways to lower your insurance costs.

Key takeaways from this virtual event:

  1. Tips for managing insurance claims, subrogation, and monitoring cost.
  2. Understanding of the return to work programs for employees on worker’s comp.
  3. Recognizing what insurance underwriters look for in regards to a company’s DOT Compliance Safety Accountability Score or performance.
  4. Insight on how to lower insurance cost through facility fire suppression; sprinklers systems, fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting, etc.
  5. Understanding the importance of developing proactive relationships with truck crash attorneys, vehicle crash investigators, and auto property adjusters.
  6. Learn how vehicle crash avoidance devices can help to lower insurance cost and exonerate company’s from liability (truck cameras, lane departure warning systems, forward collision avoidance systems, etc.).

We hope you can join us for this valuable ISRI virtual event that will help you plan and manage your insurance needs.

As a quarterly Circle of Safety Excellence (COSE) virtual event, this webinar is available for non-COSE members. Beginning January 1, COSE's virtual events will only be available for COSE members. ISRI members will be required to join COSE to participate in further COSE hosted virtual events. Open enrollment is now available for the COSE Program

For more information visit the COSE website or contact ISRI’s Senior Safety Director, Commodor Hall at chall@isriorg


  • Tony Smith, ISRI Vice President of Safety 
  • Commodor Hall, ISRI Senior Director of Safety, COSE Liaison


  • Dan Curran, CPCU, ARe, AIC – Senior Vice Pres. & Underwriting Officer
  • Susan Diecidue, AINS Underwriting Manager at AmWINS Group
  • Jimmy Whitehair, CSP, ARM Principal at Commercial Insurance Associates CIA
  • Will Denbo, Principal at Commercial Insurance Associates CIA
  • David Naughton, Vice President, Sales & Producer at Acentria Insurance 
This virtual event is free to COSE and Non-COSE ISRI members. Non-ISRI members will be charged $195 to attend.

To register, to go http://isrimeetings.expotracker.net and select the ISRI virtual event. Once you register, you will receive an email with login instructions.

You must register to participate. Make sure to save the information in your calendar. 

Circle of Safety Excellence Background:
The COSE members consist of like-minded companies which voluntarily come forward to share best practices and safety data for the betterment of their own safety operation, and at the same time be recognized by ISRI for their commitment to safety. The following are just a few of the benefits that COSE Members receive; improved employee safety, ability to network/share best practices, free access to quarterly webinars, and participation in setting safety benchmarks. In addition, COSE Members have experienced a reduction in worker’s compensation claims, improved experience modification rates, and an opportunity to participate in the COSE Annual Occupational Safety Awards Program. 

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