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Safety Training - ISRI Hazard Recognition in Scrap Recycling

ISRI developed a day-long training course on hazard recognition in recycling to address ways to see or recognize hazards before they become incidents. This training will focus on high-risk areas found in the recycling industry. This comprehensive training course is includes:

  • how to do a PPE hazard assessment;
  • how to recognize the hazards of and safely work around mobile equipment;
  • the importance of proper PPE and an understanding of the importance of the control of hazardous energy (LOTO);
  • good housekeeping practices;
  • recognizing fire hazards; and
  • hazard communication programs.

Workers receiving this training will benefit by obtaining a greater awareness of hazards and how to recognize them on their job site. In addition, they will learn how to create a PPE hazard assessment and how to prevent injury through hazard recognition. Employers will benefit by a lower prevalence of job-related injury, allowing for a more productive workforce.

This training is being offered regionally to both ISRI and non-ISRI members. It is offered free-of-charge thanks to the generosity of an OSHA Susan Harwood Grant. All levels of scrap recycling company employees are encouraged to attend.

Schedule your training today by contacting isrisafety@isri.org.

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