China Releases Draft Standards and Catalogues for Scrap Imports

The Chinese Government has released its draft revised “GB 16487” Environmental Protection Control Standards for Imported Solid Wastes as Raw Materials, seeking comments from selected industry groups before the rules become effective by the end of the year.
Of particular note is that the “carried waste” (or allowable prohibitive) thresholds have been dropped to 0.3% for all categories except appliances and vessels (0.5%).  For appliances, the standard is that there must be 80% recoverable materials and 80% recyclable materials (in the U.S., we are at 50%).  ISRI will submit comments with arguments to counter these proposed changes and welcomes input from members.  Read the standards in English and Chinese.

Also, the Chinese Government updated its Identification Standards for Solid Wastes – General Rules.  Unfortunately, ISRI’s recommendations for language that specifically distinguishes between scrap and waste were not incorporated.  Read the standard in English and Chinese.

Additionally, the Chinese Government released revised Catalogues of Restricted Waste Imports.  All of the materials listed in its July 18 WTO notification restricting waste imports are now on the prohibition list.  Of particular note to our plastics recyclers is that post-consumer plastics are to be prohibited while post-industrial plastics will not, but import permits are required.  Read the documents at the following links:
  1. Catalogue of Solid Waste Prohibited from Importation (English and Chinese)
  2. Catalogue of Solid Waste that can be Used as Raw Materials under Import Restrictions (English and Chinese)
  3. Catalogue of Solid Waste that can be Used as Raw Materials under Automatic Import Licensing (English and Chinese)

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