ISRI2023 Spotlight: Business Management

Apr 10, 2023, 16:59 PM
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Managing your business is a daily constant and the best knowledge can be found by participating in ISRI2023’s Business Management Track. The track focuses on topics such as the day-to-day activities and processes of a recycled materials facility, business planning and finance, and competitive and diversification strategies.

Also, see this highly-sought after track to delve into growth, profits, productivity, legal issues, human resources and talent/workforce development. Check out marketing and sales tools, leadership development, commodities hedging, securing and extending credit, and buying and selling recyclable materials. There are even opportunities to examine insurance and customer service, as well as logistics and transportation.

Specific courses include:

Back to the Future III
Tuesday, April 18; 4 – 5 p.m.
Meeting Room 205 A-C: Level 2

Be part of the action as industry icons discuss the growth of the industry through a historic look at the past. Gain an overview of the present and an educated eye toward the future. Take in insights built on years of experience back to your organization.

Barry Hunter
Principal, Hunter Alloys LLC (Retired)

David Borsuk
Sadoff Iron and Metal Co. (Retired)

Albert Cozzi
Partner, Cozzi Recycling

Ron Donn
Consultant, Monoco Alloys

Bruce Shapiro
CEO, Shapiro

Opportunities Abound: How to Attract Talent Through STEM Careers in Recycling Profitability and Asset Management
Wednesday, April 19; 8:45-10 a.m.
Meeting Room 205 A-C: Level 2

The recycled materials industry is full of job opportunities at all career levels and functions. Examine how STEM encompasses a variety of exciting career routes in recycling from working in artificial intelligence and sustainability to designing innovative products with recycling in mind, and beyond. Learn how to showcase these opportunities to potential employees. Return with tools to highlight STEM careers in your facilities that will attract the right people to the right jobs.

Kate Illecki
Vice President and General Manager, Rochester Metalico

Natalie Messer Betts
Assistant Vice President of Sustainability, ISRI

Kari Bliss
Principal Sustainability, PADNOS

Vania Grandi
Vice President Commercial West USA, Sims Metal

Through the Finance Lens
Wednesday, April 19; 10:30-11:30 a.m.
Meeting Room 209 A-C: Level 2

From Fortune 500 corporations to privately held multi-generational companies, finance plays a critical role in how an organization manages its cash flow. Gain an understanding into how to use finance options in the right scenarios to make the difference in optimizing the growth trajectory of your business. See a full analysis of cash purchases versus financing and when to use different types of financing methods to best manage your company’s equipment assets.

Paula Summers
Senior Vice President Sales and Strategic Partnership, VFG Leasing & Finance

Sandy Brooks
Vice President of Finance, SA Recycling LLC

Becky Proler
President, SCR Recycling

Brandon Rozknovski
Chief Financial Officer, Premier Metal Buyers

Understanding Your Impact: Knowing the Numbers that Matter
Wednesday, April 19; 2:15-3:30 p.m.
Meeting Room 201 AB: Level 2

The only thing more impactful to your bottom line than knowing your data is not knowing your data. Do you know your experience modifier, how much loss you experience due to workflow inefficiencies, or how much energy you consume? To change these data points you must first understand them. In this session, panelists will share the value this data and how they work to continually improve their tracking and performance around these data points. As ESG requirements trickle down from your customers and suppliers, and as insurance premiums continue to rise, now is the time to take steps toward understanding and improving your data.

Darrell Kendall
Executive Director of RIOS, ISRI

Craig Boswell
President and Co-Founder, HOBI International Inc.

Kevin Lamar
CFO, Dyamic Metal Services

Creating a Resilient Workforce
Wednesday, April 19; 2:15-3:30 p.m.
Meeting Room 209 A-C: Level 2

Learn how to create a resilient workforce by expanding the pool of potential employees through apprenticeships, internships, and fellowships. Also learn how to use a simple litmus test to determine if an interested applicant is right for your operations, and hear strategies about how to engage and employees with different abilities, while lowering absenteeism and turnover rates. Taision Kwamilele, a former fellow of ISRI’s Sustainability Pathways Program hired by Schnitzer Steel, will share information about the company’s high school apprenticeship program and other unique approaches to identifying and retaining employees. Dan Sahd of Metal Recycling will talk about a skills test, as well as how investing in staff personal and leadership development helps build a future for your business. Neil Samahon of Opportunity Enterprises will talk about the benefits of employing individuals with different abilities.

Yvette P. Huerta
Vice President Human Resources, SA Recycling LLC

Tasion Kwamilele
Govt. & Public Affairs, Director of Educational Partnerships, Schnitzer Steel Industries

Dan Sahd
Team Leader, Sahd Metal Recycling

Neil Samahon
President/CEO, Opportunity Enterprises, Inc.

Leaders Make Great Influencers
Wednesday, April 19; 4 – 5 p.m.
Meeting Room 209 A-C: Level 2

Learn how to step into your power as an influencer with assurance, authenticity, “presence,” and quantifiable success. Hear from four dynamic professionals who became influencers and ultimately top-tier leaders of their companies. Their journeys to leadership were not effortless; yet they paved the way for many others to become leaders in the industry today and in future generations.

Robin Wiener
President, ISRI

Brandi Harleaux
CEO South Post Oak Recycling Center

Jacqueline Lotzkar
Pacific Metals Recycling

Shelley Padnos
Chairman of the Executive Committee, Padnos

Integrity Matters! The Centerpiece of Workability is Integrity
Thursday, April 20; 9:30-10:45 a.m.
Meeting Room 201 AB: Level 2

Imagine what would it look like to have employees make things work, rather than coming up with excuses, justifications, explanations, and stories? What would it look like to reliably deliver the goals, objectives and measures promised? Imagine what it would be like if employees were straight with their communications? Not hiding or avoiding anything. Come join a panel discussion about what Integrity actually is, presented by several ISRI members who have been practicing Integrity in running their organizations and personal lives. They will share their experience of what has increased workability, accountability, and performance at work and in life.

Barry Berman
President/CEO, Integritas Consulting Group Inc.

Mark Bond
President/CEO, Metro Group Inc.

Nigel Dove
Vortex De-Pollution

Marketing the Unmarketable
Thursday, April 20; 2:15-3:15 p.m.
Karl F. Dean Ballroom: Level 4

The metals and mining industries are some of the oldest industries that helped to shape global manufacturing and commerce. However, the ever-changing marketing landscape as well as emerging technologies are often moving faster than the industry itself can consume, digest, and implement modern marketing and communication strategies. In this session, dive into traditional and digital means of marketing and communication and learn how companies can build sustainable brands that will not only stand the test of time, but also give them a competitive advantage among their peers.

Steven Donnelly
President, Steven Donnelly & Associates

Andrew Golding
Partner and Chief Strategy Officer, Kripke Enterprises, Inc.

John Sacco
President and Co-Owner, Sierra International Machinery

Andrew Weitsman
CEO Upstate Shredding Weitsman Recycling

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Managing your business is a daily constant and the best knowledge can be found by...
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