ISRI Launches Web Version of World-Renowned Specifications Guide for Recycled Materials

Jun 19, 2023, 18:17 PM
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ISRI's new Specs Website is displayed

Image displaying recycled materials and ISRI SpecsISRI has launched a digital version of the ISRI Specifications Guide at, providing an online framework for buyers and sellers of recycled materials and products across the globe. For more than 100 years, the ISRI specifications have helped promote consistency and quality in the trade of recycled materials in the U.S. and around the world. Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration this invaluable resource is now accessible online to anyone at any time.

“For over a century, recyclers from around the world have relied on ISRI specifications to provide the most comprehensive set of guidelines when buying or selling recycled materials. As the international trade and regulatory landscape evolves, it was time to update the specifications—our universal language—to better allow all those entities along the manufacturing supply chain for recycled materials to better communicate with each other—regardless of their geographical location or language,” said ISRI President Robin Wiener. “Thanks to the support of the International Trade Administration, this website reflects the changing international landscape and the essential role of ISRI’s specifications in the global trade of recycled materials.”

Specifications are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure they meet the demands of the domestic and global marketplace. Any individual, organization, or company can file a request for additions, changes, or deletions to the specifications. ISRI will continue to update the specifications as the flow of recycled materials evolves with the introduction of new products into the supply chain. The website includes definitions of general terms and guidelines for recycled material transactions, improved options for user input, faster response times, and requests tracking.

The searchable website clearly defines the respective recycled commodities, and explains the general terms, definitions, and guidelines for recycled commodity transactions. It also provides improved options for user input, faster response times and tracking of requests. ISRI also gratefully acknowledges the leadership and guidance provided by Specifications Working Group Chairman Andy Cohen from Metal Conversions, Ltd. that has been instrumental in bringing this important projection to fruition.

Members are encouraged to visit the new website and retweet, like, and share posts about the announcement our social media channels. We also encourage you to join our webinar on June 27, 10 – 11 a.m. ET, which focuses on educating domestic and international market participants, policymakers, and general audiences on the new website.

We hope you are just as excited as we are about the launch of the new ISRI Specs site and share this new tool with your networks.




ISRI's new Specs Website is displayedISRI has launched a digital version of the ISRI Specifications Guide at, providing an online...
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