Powered Industrial Vehicle Train-the-Trainer

Safety Blueprint

This course will cover forklifts, skidsteers, and wheel loaders, or any combination of these three that you may have at your facility.

Federal regulations require that anyone who operates a powered industrial truck (forklift) in the United States and/or its territories must be trained and educated to operate the equipment safely and to recognize the hazards associated with operating this equipment at your facility. This training must be documented and recertification must take place at least every three years for each employee (see 29CFR 1910.178). The ISRI powered industrial vehicle operator safety train-the-trainer class will provide this information and assist in setting up your designated employee to be the facility trainer at your location(s).

The course is available is available to be taught in English by an ISRI Safety Outreach trainer. The materials are available in both English and Spanish. The ISRI Safety Outreach trainer is able to co-teach alongside with a translator you provide if necessary. The class will accommodate up to 7 people and it will last one full day at your facility using your mobile equipment. The first part of the training will be held in a classroom environment and the second part of the training will be held at the operations facility around and on the mobile equipment. The cost is $500.00.

Interested in scheduling a class?  Contact isrisafety@isri.org with the Safety Department.

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