A Common Language Playbook for the Recycled Materials Industry
Join the Evolution: Strengthening Our Industry’s Voice Through a Common Language
We are in a new era of communications, where everyone has a platform and people are barraged with messages from all sides. To be heard, we need to speak in one voice. If our voice is to resonate, we need to use language that meets our audience where they are, accounts for their perceptions of the industry today, and ultimately persuades them.

ReMA worked with maslansky + partners, a leading language strategy and market research firm, to analyze how we communicate today and how we can improve. The project culminated in the release of the playbook, “A Common Language for the Recycled Materials Industry: Breaking Through in a New Era of Communication.”

This playbook is based on the firm’s extensive research that included a traditional and social media analysis, focus groups, and a nationwide survey with informed consumers and policy opinion leaders.
How to Use the Playbook
The Playbook is a set of guidelines and best practices you can incorporate into your marketing, communications, public affairs, and everyday conversation. It will walk you through not only what language to use when talking about the industry, but also why this type of language is effective with audiences based on extensive research.

By using the Playbook, you will be better able to explain to those outside of the industry:
  • Who we are;
  • What we do;
  • Why our work matters; and
  • Where we are headed.
By using the example phrases and content throughout the playbook, you will help people see the industry in a more positive light.
The Playbook

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