Tire Safety: Everything Rides on It

As part of your daily vehicle inspection, do you thoroughly check your tires? During 2018 over 197,000 tire violations were found during roadside inspections and most of the violations carry 8 points under Compliance Safety Accountability (CSA). These violations are severity and time weighted, which negatively impact a motor carrier and a driver’s CSA score. Listed below are some helpful tire safety tips:

  • Tire Inspection: Examine your tires every day for irregular tread wear, cracks, cuts, bulges, etc.
  • Inflation Pressure: Improper inflation pressure affects tire wear and fuel efficiency.
  • Rims: Only use approved tire/rim combinations of the appropriate width and diameter.
  • Extreme Loading: Overloading or under-inflation causes excessive heat build-up and internal structural damage that can lead to a tire failure.
  • Speed: Do not exceed your tires speed rating (doing so will damage your tires and can lead to premature tire failure).

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