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Commodity Spotlight Speakers Announced for ISRI2019

(Washington, DC) – In the lead up to ISRI2019, its Annual Convention and Exposition, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) released a list of new speakers for its Commodity Spotlights. The list is composed of senior executives, policy experts, and economists from around the recycling industry that can help attendees navigate today’s markets.

“One of the great things about the spotlights is that you get to hear a variety of expert viewpoints from commodity analysts, scrap processors, brokers, and consumers,” said Joe Pickard, chief economist for ISRI. “So you not only get the analysts’ forecasts about where commodity markets are headed, but you also get to hear from actual industry members about what’s driving their business, and you get to participate in the conversation. Given how rapidly scrap markets both at home and abroad are evolving, they’ll be no shortage of things to discuss this year.”

The list includes (additional speakers continue to be added):

Spotlight on Ferrous
Tamara Lundgren
President & CEO, Schnitzer Steel Industries

Spotlight on Aluminum
Jason Schenker
President, Prestige Economics
Chairman, The Futurist Institute

Richard Mayenknech
Global Aluminum Procurement Director, Nemak

Spotlight on Copper
Randy Goodman
Executive Vice President, Greenland (America)

Jason Schenker
President, Prestige Economics
Chairman, The Futurist Institute

Jurgen Van Gorp
Account Manager Raw Materials/Business Development, Metallo

Spotlight on Nickel/Stainless
Markus Moll
Managing Director, SMR GmbH

Barry Jackson
Market Intelligence Manager - Nickel, AngloAmerican

Mitch Greenberg
Partner, Allied Alloys

Doug Kramer
President, Kramer Metals, Inc.

Spotlight on Paper: The Impact of E-Commerce on Residential Recycling Programs
Bill Moore
President, Moore & Associates

Susan Cornish
Associate, Sustainability, Moore & Associates

Myles Cohen
President, Pratt Recycling

Spotlight on Plastic: Tackling the Plastic Pollution Problem
Madeline Rohrbacher
Territory Sales Manager, Mid-Atlantic Region, CaraGreen Sustainable Architectural Materials

Spotlight on Tires
JD Wang
CEO & President, reRubber

ISRI’s Annual Convention & Exposition will be held April 8-11 in Los Angeles. With more than 5,000 attendees expected from around the world, the event represents the largest gathering in the industry. It includes a sold out exhibit hall with 300 equipment and service providers to the industry.



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