China to Accept Plastic Flakes

ISRI has learned that China will accept imports of recycled PET plastics in flake form according to a specification the government laid out.

In a public notice, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (which superseded the former Ministry of Environmental Protection) notes that “any material that does not need to be restored and processed for its original use purpose shall not be managed as solid waste.”  We believe this to mean that China will only accept manufacture-ready material, and if it is not regulated as solid waste, it would not be subject to the same licensing and inspection procedures, although it is uncertain if pre-shipment inspection is still required (given CCIC's suspension).  That said, if there is a suspicion that the material is solid waste, then it will be subject to the scrap import regulations.  This applies to PET only.

The new specification can be reviewed here in English. 

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