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Final Public Notice: ReMA Proposed Amendment to Guidelines for Inbound Curbside Recyclables for Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs)

(Washington, DC) – The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) Board of Directors approved an amendment to ISRI’s scrap specifications that will reclassify “clean, dry double-polycoat food packages” at its Fall Meeting on November 8. The change was made to better reflect how Material Recovery Facilities (MRFs) characterize inbound paper products in the recycling stream. This amended specification was previously approved by ISRI’s MRF Council, Plastics Division, and Paper Division at the Summer Board & Committee Meetings.

As per ISRI’s Policy Manual, any party may submit to ReMA a written appeal of the ReMA Board’s approval of this new specification up to 30 days after publication of this notice. Written appeals must provide a rationale and a request for action and should be sent to ReMA President Robin Wiener. Once finalized, the new specification will be included in ISRI’s Scrap Specifications Circular. ISRI’s Scrap Specifications Circular provides industry guidelines for buying and selling a variety of processed scrap commodities, including ferrous, nonferrous, paper, plastics, electronics, rubber, and glass.

The proposal reflects concerns within the recycling industry that by listing “clean, dry double-polycoat food packages” under Additional Materials for Inbound Curbside Recyclables for MRFs in ISRI’s Scrap Specifications Circular (page 64) it gives the impression that the material is preferred by MRFs. The reality is that, the material is not preferred and may be considered prohibitive by MRFs who need a secondary market for their materials to remain viable economic and environmental partners with the communities they serve. The amendment moves “clean, dry double-polycoat food packages” to the Paper (not preferred or may be prohibited) with examples (not inclusive) section of the inbound curbside recyclables guidelines.

More information about the rules governing the procedures from the addition, amendment, or withdrawal of ISRI’s scrap specifications, can be found in the Scrap Specifications Circular. To submit comments, recommendations, or questions, please contact Joe Pickard.


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