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Proposed Changes to the Paper Stock Section of the ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular

(Washington, DC) – The Paper Stock Industries (PSI) Chapter of the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI) is seeking input on proposed changes to the guidelines for recovered paper transactions. PSI, as part of an ongoing effort to update industry specifications, is proposing to streamline the specifications to prevent any potential confusion as these specifications have been more globally adopted by the international industry. 

The open-comment request follows PSI’s Summit SPECtacular held in April, focused on revamping the Guidelines for Paper Stock portion of the ISRI Scrap Specifications Circular that can be on pages 26-28 and 34-36.

The following are some highlights of the first draft of changes:

1. Domestic and Export transaction guidelines will be combined.

2. The Purchase Agreement will expand the details of Shipping Instructions and include changes to assessing the quantity of orders and the use of the International Chamber of Commerce’s INCO terms for contract agreements.

3. The Fulfillment by the Seller section will include the use of ISRI/AF&PA shipping guidelines and new notification rules for downgrades/claims/rejections.

4. The Fulfillment by the Buyer section will more carefully define accepting and unloading procedures, documentation and proofs, and guidelines for holding materials in question.

5. The Miscellaneous Practices section will see changes to tolerances in weight variation and moisture content and a potential guideline for moisture measurement.

6. The Grade Definitions section will further clarify the parameters for prohibitives and zero tolerance items.

The PSI Chapter invites commentary from interested parties as to the changes being proposed. Please contact, Bernie Lee (blee@isri.org) or a PSI Board Member for more information about the salient changes or to weigh in on any specific changes.




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