Meet Myles Cohen

Meet Myles Cohen, PSI's New Chapter President

PSI-Board-Myles-CohenMyles Cohen is currently the President of Paper Stock Industries Chapter of ISRI, as well as on AF&PA’s (American Forest and Paper Association) Recovered Fiber sector.

As the chief executive of this business, Cohen is responsible for Pratt’s network of recycling plants, its Material Recovery Facilities throughout the USA, as well as directing the sourcing for Pratt’s 100 percent recycled paper mills. Cohen’s team manages a variety of recycling activities—including collection and processing of paper, plastics, metals and other materials, operation of material recovery facilities (MRFs) and more. Additionally, he leads Pratt Industries’ “close-the-loop” initiative which assists Pratt’s customers in their environmental sustainability initiatives, enabling them to achieve their zero-landfill goals through improved recycling and waste-to-energy solutions.

Cohen joined Pratt Industries in 2008. Prior to joining Pratt Industries, Cohen was president and general manager of Sonoco Recycling, a division of Sonoco Products Company.

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