Specification Proposed Changes - December 2015

Is there a difference between the terms “curbside” or “residential”? Which is better?

The committee held a conference call to discuss a various feedback and concerns given from last meeting dated 11/23/2015. We went into details on some of the specific concerns regarding naming of grades, prohibitive material and various other amendment requests.

It was also brought to our attention some retractions were not noted by stakeholders. We would like to reiterate that we withdrew our recommendation to delete Over-Issue News #9 from the specification.

Agenda for 12/10/2015

  1. Numbering assignments – completed
  2. Feedback – completed

-two specification guideline amendment requests received

  1. Moisture discussion at NOLA – completed

1.) Naming Assignments

The committee tentatively discussed the numbering to be paired as per the below however; ultimately we decided to re discuss this issue and ask general members for feedback.


  1. Sorted Clean News (#8)
  2. Sorted Residential Papers (#7)
  3. Sorted Mix Paper (#1)
  4. Sorted Hard Mix (3)
  5. OCC#11

Deletion of News Grades #6

Deletion of Mix Grades #2


2.) Feedback Given

The committee went over specific specification guideline amendment requests received

  1. a)Wax Issues
  2. Should this be considered outthrow or prohibitive?
  3.  Committee recommends wax is a prohibitive
  4. Two ways we can add wax into our specification up for vote
  5.  Update the VI. Grade Definition Section
  6. C. Prohibitive materials: Wax coated, foil papers, other non–paper material
  7. Update each grade specification: “Prohibitive materials may not exceed 1%. (Wax coated, foil papers, other non–paper material.)”
  1. b)Refuse Collections – paper recovered from “dirty MRFs”
  2. To be added as a breakout session at the Summit
  3. c)Over-Issue News
  4. Reiteration: in response to feedback received, the committee withdrew our recommendation for deletion of #9
  5. d)Curbside vs Residential vs Sorted terminology
  6. After discussing ultimately decided to keep names as we have and table numbering for next meeting
  1. ) Moisture

Breakout sessions  

  1. a)  Refuse Collections

– Should this be a prohibtive?

-What is the definition: what does refuse means?

-How does a packer know it’s from refuse?

-Does it matter where it is collected from?

  1. b) Moisture testing

-How do we determine to percentage of moisture

-Type of equipment needed

-What is subject to deductions?

-Need some protocol first?

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