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Two Family Recycling Business Innovators Receive ISRI’s Lifetime Achievement Awards

(Vancouver, BC) – The Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI), the Voice of the Recycling Industry™, today recognized two individuals who took over family businesses and ushered in an era of innovation and success for the entire industry and the association. Both Scott Newell, founder of The Shredder Company and Toby Shine of Shine Brothers Corporation were presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award presented at ISRI’s annual convention being held in Vancouver.

“This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award winners helped shaped the industry as we know it today and how it operates. Furthermore, they each made significant contributions to ISRI and their communities through leadership roles and experiences,” said Robin Wiener, president of ISRI. “Scott’s work led to the continued evolution of the shredder, a powerful, transformative machine that changed how materials are processed and sorted. During his storied career, Scott has always had a willingness to share his knowledge of the shredder with others. Toby, took a small, family-run business like many in our industry, and created a global company. But he never lost sight of his roots, always giving back to his community and ISRI. We could not be more proud to present this award to two our industry’s leaders.”

Scott Newell began his career working in the Texas scrap plants owned by his father Alton Scott Newell, Sr. After attending college, Scott became manager of the Newell Salvage Company of Phoenix, from 1959 to 1965. While in Arizona, Scott alerted his father to the market possibilities for shredded tin cans to be used in the copper mining industry. Alton Newell then used his knowledge and began to design a powerful shredding machine. In 1960, the first Newell family Shredder was built and patented by Alton Newell. Scott Newell built the second Newell Shredder in 1961 and has been designing, building, and operating shredding systems since. In 2000, Scott Newell and his son, Alton Scott Newell, III, formed The Shredder Company, which operates a modern manufacturing plant and steel foundry in El Paso, Texas.

Newell has served on the national board of directors of ISRI, and as Vice Chairman of the ISRI Shredder Committee and Vice Chairman of the Ferrous Division. He has also served on the Shredder Committee of the Bureau of International Recycling. An important part of all his association work has been improving the recovery of non-ferrous metals and finding environmentally sound applications for auto shredder residue.

Toby Shine was drawn to a career in the family’s scrap business—Shine Brothers Corporation— at an early age. His Grandfather, Sam, and Uncle, Harry – both Russian immigrants, founded the company at the start of the 20th century. Working alongside his father, Toby quickly learned the intricacies of the scrap trade, and joined full-time in 1960. By the early 1980s Toby bought the company and the Shines made a strategic decision to adopt wire chopping to maintain their competitiveness. Soon it would become one of the top five wire chopping operations in North America. His commitment to serve ISRI include: two terms as president of the Northwest Chapter; the ISRI Board of Directors; the Wire Choppers Committee, the Government Relations Committee, among other positions. He also served as Chair of the National Association Supply Cooperative (NASCO-OP).


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