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Going Digital for Recycled Material Supplier Payouts: From Cash to Integrated Digital Payments

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Metal recyclers have long grappled with the limitations of traditional cash and check payment methods for supplier payouts. These payment methods come with substantial costs, security risks, and administrative overhead during reconciliation.

In our upcoming webinar, AMCS Global Head of Payments Alexander Taskey and AMCS Pay's team of experts will delve into the impact of new integrated digital payment solutions. These innovations facilitate the shift away from cash and checks toward more efficient alternatives, such as pre-paid cards for instant supplier payouts.

During the webinar, our speakers will explore the driving forces behind these trends. These include increasingly stringent regulatory restrictions on cash payments and the rapid advancements in digital payment technologies. Additionally, suppliers’ growing preference for instant digital payouts contributes to this transition.

Join us to discover how you can position your recycled material buying operations to capitalize on these trends and leverage new digital payment solutions. This webinar will feature a live demonstration and a Q&A session.

Conor Dowd, AMCS Global Head of Marketing

Dowd has 35+ years of industry experience working in sales and marketing for leading European companies involved in financial technology, payments, and environmental services.

Alexander Taskey, AMCS Global Head of Payments

Taskey has 18+ years of industry experience. He defines AMCS Pay's sales distribution channels, identifies use cases and helps customers optimize their payments environment through innovative programs.

Sean McGrath, AMCS Head of Product

McGrath has 10+ years of industry experience. He creates and implements AMCS Pay's product roadmap.

Matthew Thatcher, AMCS Pay Sales Engineer

Thatcher has 5+ years of industry experience. He works closely with AMCS' customers to understand their needs and define a roadmap to optimize their payments environment.

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