Congressional Recycling Caucus

Recycling Caucus Members

John Shimkus
Rep. John Shimkus
Chair (R-IL)
Frank Pallone
Rep. Frank Pallone
Thomas Carper
Sen. Tom Carper
John Boozman
Sen. John Boozman

Caucus Mission

  • Lift the recycling industry's visibility in Washington, DC
  • Build a better understanding of the complex nature of the recycling industry, including the multifaceted environmental, international trade, and small business concerns.
  • Illustrate that scrap materials are processed into valuable commodities for manufacturing.
  • Identify scrap materials as important exports that improve America's balance of trade.
  • Recognize that tens of thousands of Americans are employed in the recycling industry.
  • Raise awareness that recycling protects the environment by conserving energy and America's natural resources.
  • Encourage members of Congress to champion legislation that is beneficial for recycling and the recycling industry.

Message from John Shimkus

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