The importance of recycling has never been greater. Take a moment to rediscover recycling and learn how it is working, why it is important to continue, and how it is essential to all of our lives every day.

Recycling is Essential

Recycling is needed to provide the material that is repurposed to create thousands of new products, goods or other materials we use in our everyday life.

Recycled paper, plastics, metals, rubber, electronics, and other commodity‐grade materials feed critical U.S. manufacturing operations that are producing paper products, rebar, wiring, tubing, transportation, packaging and other key goods.

Recycling is essential and we can all participate to sustain this critical process by choosing to live a more sustainable lifestyle, using our decisions to positively affect our planet, and renewing our materials to be used again.

The Value of Recycling

  • Materials made out of recycled goods
  • To be less wasteful
  • To make the planet a better place
  • A lifestyle that is more sustainable an
  • Best practices when preparing materials for recycling to reduce contamination
  • The correct containers to sort materials for pickup
  • Your passion to motivate others
  • Your knowledge to get it done right
  • Our planet and sustain our natural resources
  • Your faith in recycling through the amazing efforts of recycling industry partners
  • The products you use by giving them another life

More than 75% of U.S. paper mills depend upon recovered fiber. Boxed goods delivered to homes by the U.S. Postal Service, Amazon, and other delivery services rely on recycled content.


70% of all U.S. produced steel and stainless steel is made from scrap. Your car, motorcycle and the building you work in are made from recycled steel.


58% of the materials that go into making toilet paper and facial tissue comes from recycled paper.

Recycling is Essential for a Healthier Planet

Recycling reduces material that goes into landfills, reduces greenhouse gases, and reduces material that enters oceans.

Recycling brings about meaningful change in which people of all ages can participate and allows us to demonstrate our compassion and love for our planet and the resources all of us share.

Recycling is working from the curbside to the completed product and it allows each of us to play a part in positively affecting our planet as well as our own personal lives.


Recycling is essential to the fight against COVID-19

Recycling provides for the creation of essential products that we use in our everyday lives and for weathering the COVID-19 crisis.

Recycled metal, paper, plastics and other commodity‐grade materials feed critical U.S. manufacturing operations that are producing rebar, wiring, tubing, transportation, packaging and other key materials. Those are needed for everything from construction of new hospitals to the manufacture of new hospital beds, ventilators, toilet paper and other essential supplies to keep Americans safe and the economy running during this critical period.

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