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  Top 10 Ways ISRI Membership Helps You

  1. ISRI membership is like an insurance policy, only better. Through briefings and market intelligence, ISRI is your early warning system preventing you from being caught off guard and allowing you to be proactive.


  2. Whether seeking trading partners or friends, ISRI provides you with unparalleled networking opportunities to develop trust relationships and grow your business. Connections made through ISRI are often lifelong.

  3. ISRI keeps you and your colleagues safe with more than 150 safety resources, most of which are free with membership, including guides, checklists, drills, posters, videos, safety blueprints, transportation assessments, and much more.

  4. ISRI works with policymakers and administrators at the state, federal, and international levels to ensure your voice is heard, communicate the economic impact of the scrap recycling industry, and encourage them to support you in running an economically sustainable and environmentally responsible company.

  5. Whether it’s economic indicators impacting the direction of commodity prices, industry developments, or potential changes in policy that could affect you, ISRI provides you with leading market intelligence to make informed decisions.

  6. ISRI educates you through conferences, seminars, webinars, and white papers on how to manage your company, keep your employees safe, ensure you remain compliant with regulatory requirements, and employ strategies to advance your success.

  7. ISRI provides you with a forum to benchmark your company with others to establish best practices.

  8. ISRI connects you with the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers and service providers to help you take advantage of new technologies and run a cost efficient business.

  9. ISRI gives you and your company visibility through its membership directory and industry buying guide, searchable by company, individual, city, or commodity, and through the display of the ISRI member logo on your website and business card.

  10. Make industry connections, refine your skills, and demonstrate your leadership. ISRI provides you with opportunities to advance your career by serving on committees, councils, and task forces, as well as serving as a moderator or subject matter expert at ISRI events.

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