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New GCR Members

List of 2022 GCR New Members

A Plus Auto/Smitty’s Auto Collision & Repairs, R6 Recycling, and Schaeffler USA Group Inc. (June 2022)

Landstar Services, SteelCoast Co., and TCH Development (April 2022)

CDR Global Inc., Kart-I-Gen Inc., Royal Eagle Green Commodities, Sazim Trading Group, and Veterans Alliance Resourcing (February 2022)

Bottom Line Equipment, Hitachi High-Tech Analytical Science, Missouri Smelting Technology, and Technogenia Lasercarb Oklahoma (January 2022)

PGM of Texas, Quality Metals, and The WeighPay Group (November 2021)

BRX, COPEX, North Texas Shredding, and Tower Extrusions (August 2021)

Blancco Technology Group, Colt Inc., JLW Enterprises, Mughal Steel, Olympus Corporation of the Americas, and Port Arthur Recycling LLC dba ScrapWorks (April 2021)

ARZYZ SA de CV, Frisa Forjados SA de CV, and MP&T’s International Inc. (March 2021)



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