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ISRI Studios operates as a full-service production operation for ISRI members. As an exclusive member benefit, companies can order original video files or have them customized at deeply discounted rates compared to what it would cost to produce these videos on their own.

These videos can be integrated within company websites, social media, presentations, and other outreach efforts to market your company and the industry to customers, community leaders, perspective hires, current employees, lawmakers, the general public, and other audiences. 

The Value of Video

Video is the way of the future for marketing your business. It is estimated that video will account for 80% of global internet traffic, and 85% in the US in 2019. According to the Aberdeen Group, using video for marketing provides 66% more qualified leads per year. ISRI makes it easy to include video as part of your efforts.

Videos Available for Ordering

Options for Ordering Video

Option 1 – FREE video

You are free to use the link to each individual video and share it on social media, link to it on you website, or use in presentations.

Option 2 – Downloadable File

This option allows you to post the video directly on your website. Complete the order form (member login required), and you will be sent a downloadable .mp4 video file that you can use to upload the video to your own YouTube account or video hosting service.
Fee: $50

Option 3 – Personalized video with YOUR company logo and “call to action”

This option allows you to include your company logo at the start of the video and your company logo with a “call to action” at the end of the video. For example, you can direct viewers to other pages on your website, give them an email for contacting your HR department, etc. Complete the order form (member login required) which will include a high resolution logo image and the call to action text to use. Your video will be produced and sent to you within 7 business days.
Fee: $200

Customize Your Video to a Specific Commodity

In addition to adding your logo and call to action, some videos offer the option of making it commodity specific to meet the needs of your company. Complete the order form and indicated the commodity in the special instructions. Your video will be produced and sent to you within 14 business days.
Fee: $500

Option 4 – A fully customized video featuring your company

Contact Jason Glei at ISRI to discuss individual options.

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