Earth Day 2022
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Earth Day takes place every April 22 in a worldwide effort to save and nurture the environment. The theme for Earth Day 2022 is “Invest in Our Planet.” From combating the impacts of climate change to sustainability, preserving limited natural resources, and beyond, the role of the recycling industry is essential to the health and overall well-being of our planet.

All ISRI members are encouraged to participate in celebrating Earth Day by hosting an event, engaging in social media outreach, or through other means. The information in this toolkit is meant to serve as a resource in helping to plan your activities.

Feel free to use the resources below to highlight the numerous ways recycling is essential through Earth Day and beyond. Be sure to include the hashtags #EarthDay and #RecyclingIsEssential.

Use the recycling is essential graphics to showcase the industry all year long! These graphics can be used on your website, social media, and in presentations.

Recycling is Essential Coloring Worksheets

Share these worksheets with schools and students in your local community.


Recycling is Essential to the Environment

#Recycling eliminates the need for mining, drilling for oil and natural gas, and other harmful environmental practices used to harvest raw materials. #EarthDay #RecyclingIsEssential

Every day the #recycling industry slows the pace of global deforestation, reduces landfill use, lowers energy costs, and cuts greenhouse gas emissions. #EarthDay #RecyclingIsEssential

Recycling is a Proven Solution to the Climate Crisis
Our planet needs the help of recycling for a sustainable future. #EarthDay #RecyclingIsEssential
  • 130-135 million metric tons diverted from landfills each year
  • 27-90% reduction in energy consumption depending on commodity
  • 35-96% lower greenhouse gas emissions depending on the material
Our planet needs the help of recycling for a sustainable future. #EarthDay #RecyclingIsEssential
  • 7,400 miles driven by an average passenger vehicle;
  • 3,300 pounds of coal burned; and
  • Annual sequestration by 3.9 acres of U.S. forests.

*Calculation based on the average figure for all commodities.

Recycling is Essential to a Sustainable Future

A sustainable planet cannot exist without recycling. The recycling industry provides valuable feedstock for the production of goods. #EarthDay #RecyclingIsEssential

Recycling is a sophisticated industry that is at the forefront of finding new ways to recycle materials and expand recycling’s infrastructure to match today’s diverse product streams, develop new markets for recycled materials, and more. #EarthDay #RecyclingIsEssential

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