This document is intended to provide guidance to help recyclers operate safely and minimize the potential for exposure to COVID-19.  It has been developed based on public information provided by CDC, OSHA and other expert sources. ISRI encourages you to make sure to check both ISRI’s COVID-19 resource page on its website and the CDC website. ISRI will also continue to send updated information directly to all members by email.


And, of course, please reach out to any of ISRI’s Safety Staff with questions about any of the items in this document, or any other questions you might have regarding safety and the recycling industry:

Tony Smith, ISRI’s VP of Safety: or 260/409-9561
Jerry Sjogren, ISRI’s Senior Director of Safety: or 202/662-8519
Ryan Nolte, Director of Safety Outreach: or 765/637-1501
Darrell Kendall, Execuive Director of RIOSTM, or 202/809-6833

Mental Health

During this time, the mental wellbeing employees is particularly important.  It is a very stressful time for everyone. 

The CDC has a very good website with resources to help people at home and at work manage stress related to COVID-19 that can be found at

If you have an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), it is important to remind employees as to its availability and how to access it.

If you do not have an EAP, there are many good resources for reducing anxiety and helping people reduce stress during this time, including:

And remember, taking care of your own emotional health during an emergency will help you think clearly and react to the urgent needs to protect yourself, your team members, and your family!!

COVID-19 Safety Posters

Slow the spread! ISRI developed these COVID-19 safety and readiness tips into a displayable format for members to use in break rooms, offices, and shops. Download and send to your local print shop.



Exposure Prevention Preparedness and Response Plan

This template helps recyclers create a COVID-19 Exposure Prevention Preparedness and Response Plan that will fit the needs of their business. It has been developed based on public information.  Each company should have a representative who is designated to monitor CDC and OSHA guidelines for any updates or changes that may need to go in to their version of this plan.

Safety Tips Videos



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