America Recycles Day is an annual event that takes place every November 15, designed to help raise the profile of recycling and promote the industry.

All ISRI members are encouraged to participate by hosting an event, social media outreach, or other means. The information contained in this toolkit is meant to act as a resource in helping to plan your activities.

Feel free to use the resources below to highlight the numerous ways recycling is essential through America Recycles Day and beyond. Be sure to include the hashtags #AmericaRecyclesDay and #RecyclingIsEssential. To help you plan, ISRI has identified potential themes.

Use the recycling is essential graphics to showcase the industry all year long! These graphics can be used on your website, social media, and in presentations.

Recycling is Essential to a Sustainable Future

A sustainable planet cannot exist without recycling. The recycling industry provides valuable feedstock for the production of goods. #AmericaRecyclesDay #RecyclingIsEssential

Recycling is a sophisticated industry that is at the forefront of finding new ways to recycle materials and expand recycling’s infrastructure to match today’s diverse product streams, develop new markets for recycled materials, and more. #AmericaRecyclesDay #RecyclingIsEssential

Recycling is Essential to the Economy

Each year the U.S. #recycling industry contributes nearly $117 billion to the U.S. economy. #AmericaRecyclesDay #RecyclingIsEssential

Currently in the United States, more than 506,000 well-paying jobs are directly and indirectly supported by recycling. #AmericaRecyclesDay #RecyclingIsEssential

Recycling is Essential to the Environment

Our planet needs the help of recycling for a sustainable future. #Recycling eliminates the need for mining, drilling for oil and natural gas, and other harmful environmental practices used to harvest raw materials. #AmericaRecyclesDay #RecyclingIsEssential

Every day the #recycling industry slows the pace of global deforestation, reduces landfill use, lowers energy costs, and cuts greenhouse gas emission. #AmericaRecyclesDay #RecyclingIsEssential

Recycling Sustains Manufacturing

Each year the recycling industry in the United States processes over 130 million metric tons of material into commodities that are used in new products. This is manufacturing. #AmericaRecyclesDay #RecyclingIsEssential

The recycling industry plays a pivotal role in the manufacturing process. In the United States alone, 70 percent of materials processed by the recycling industry annually are used in American manufacturing. #AmericaRecyclesDay #RecyclingIsEssential

Preparing Future Recycling Industry Leaders Begins Now

ISRI and JASON Learning are working to inspire America’s students to think about careers in recycling, and give them the scientific and technical background that such jobs require. Empowering the future begins now. #AmericaRecyclesDay #RecyclingIsEssential

ISRI has announced the theme for the 2021 Youth Video & Poster Contest. Your challenge: Create a public service announcement that raises awareness around recycling and how it can reduce the impact of climate change! Enter by 12/17. Visit #AmericaRecyclesDay

Sustainable Supply Chains to Deliver Infrastructure for the 21st Century

Monday, November 15 | 2:00-3:30 p.m. ET

ISRI will be holding its 6th Annual State of Recycling Industry Briefing in celebration of ARD. ISRI President Robin Wiener and a panel of industry leaders will discuss the state of recycling, along with the industry's critical role in sustainability and a truly circular economy.

Speakers include

  • Senator Tom Carper (D-DE) Senate Recycling Caucus Co-Chair

  • Senator John Boozman (R-AR) Senate Recycling Caucus Co-Chair

  • Carlton Waterhouse, Deputy Assistant Administrator, EPA Office Land and Emergency Management

  • Philip Bell, President, Steel Manufacturers Association

  • Delphine Dahan-Kocher, VP External Communications and Public Affairs, Constellium

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