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Texas Health and Safety Code, Ch. 361, Subch. C., § 361.0961. Restrictions on authority of local government or other political subdivision (ISRI note: includes prohibiting or restricting the sale or use of a container or package in a manner not authorized by state law, or assessing a fee or deposit on the sale or use of a container or package. The Texas Supreme Court ruled in City of Laredo, Texas v. Laredo Merchants Ass'n that this preempted a Laredo ordinance banning plastic or paper carryout bags).

  • 2019 Texas SB 649 requires TCEQ to produce a Market Development Plan to stimulate use of recyclable materials as feedstock in processing and manufacturing. The plan must ascertain current in-state recycling capacity and identify barriers to growth. The plan also would outline a state strategy to reduce or eliminate these barriers, to encourage manufacturers to increase their use of recyclable feedstock, and to incentivize prospective manufactures to locate in Texas and create Texas jobs.
  • Texas Health and Safety Code Title 5, Subtitle B, Ch. 361. Solid Waste Disposal Act
    • § 361.001 to § 361.039
    • § 361.181 to § 361.405
  • 2019 Texas HB 3224 requires the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to conduct a study, in consultation with industry stakeholders, on the potential impacts of creating a defense to liability for persons who arrange for recycling of recyclable material and would be exempt under SREA, and to report their findings and recommendations to the legislature by Jan. 15, 2021.


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