Past Meetings, Mins, Presidents Report
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Winter 2024 meeting
FileTypeSizePublication DateDownload
ISRI Advocacy AgendaPDF275.06 KB08 Mar, 2024 Download
Finance Committee PackagePDF3.22 MB08 Mar, 2024 Download
2024 Winter Meeting All Agendas and MinutesPDF3.03 MB08 Mar, 2024 Download
EJWG Board Meeting Winter 2024PDF236.01 KB08 Mar, 2024 Download
Fall 23 Board & Committee Meetings (Oct 16-18 in Denver)
FileTypeSizePublication DateDownload
All AgendasPDF1.49 MB23 Feb, 2024 Download
2023 Fall - ISRI President's ReportPDF2.70 MB23 Feb, 2024 Download
ISRI2024 Budget as Passed by ISRI Board on October 18 2023PDF342.96 KB23 Feb, 2024 Download
Summary of Fall ISRI October 2023 Board and Committee MeetingsPDF256.88 KB23 Feb, 2024 Download
Board & Committee AgendasPDF1.52 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Detached-Catalytic-Converter-Buying-Toolkit-approvedPDF195.04 KB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Plastics Specification RequestPDF122.66 KB27 Oct, 2023 Download
September 2023 Finance Committee PackagePDF4.30 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Workforce Development UpdatePPTX719.18 KB27 Oct, 2023 Download
EJ Working Group UpdatePPTX1.84 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Membership StatusPPTX2.56 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Nonferrous Market UpdatePPTX1.70 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Ferrous Market UpdatePPTX1.17 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Presentation by Blue Star Recyclers on Inclusion ProgramPPTX3.68 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Summer 23 Board & Committee Meetings (July 11-13 in Washington DC)
FileTypeSizePublication DateDownload
Presidents ReportPDF2.53 MB23 Feb, 2024 Download
Summary of MeetingsPDF334.10 KB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Board MinutesPDF476.20 KB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Board & Committee AgendasPDF3.71 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Fly-in MaterialsPDF1.97 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Spring 23 Board & Committee Meetings (April 15 - 17 in Nashville during ISRI2024)
FileTypeSizePublication DateDownload
Summary of MeetingsPDF213.97 KB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Board MinutesPDF380.13 KB27 Oct, 2023 Download
President's ReportPDF3.62 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
March 24 Board of Directors Meeting (virtual)
FileTypeSizePublication DateDownload
Board minutesPDF1.13 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Winter 23 Board & Committee Meetings (January - Virtual)
FileTypeSizePublication DateDownload
Summary of MeetingsPDF2.87 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download
Board MinutesPDF4.60 MB27 Oct, 2023 Download


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