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As the Voice of the Recycling Industry, ISRI is the scrap recycling industry’s home for up-to-date news, research, and information.
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ISRI Newsroom

ISRI's Newsroom provides the latest news and information from and about the recycling industry. This includes ISRI news releases, positions, and presentations, as well as the latest industry facts, research, and an extensive commodity photo library.

ISRI publishes Scrap, a bimonthly magazine of scrap recycling industry news, features, trends, market statistics, business management, environmental compliance, legislative activities, scrap processing and handling equipment and technology, international market and trade developments and more.

ISRI Newsletters

ISRI produces a number of newsletters for its membership and industry stakeholders covering important industry news and information in the areas of yard and transportation safety; certification; industry advocacy; and economic, commodity and scrap market data and trends.

ISRI Reports & Resources

To support a growing and responsible industry, ISRI issues a number of policy and position statements, industry studies, commodity reports, and analysis each year.

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