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Think Tank: Plastic Recycling

The U.S. plastic recycling market faces intriguing challenges—from quality concerns to terminology battles—and equally compelling possibilities.



  • Set Positive Goals for Safety Programs

    Focus on your efforts. Not the results. That’s the essence of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s policy for a Voluntary Protection Program (VPP), under which employers, employees and OSHA collaborate to make a workplace safer.
  • Getting the Most Out of Your Workers through Leadership

    People work to live. Work is the place where they spend the majority of their time. And for many, it is an environment which is dysfunctional at best, emotionally debilitating at worst.
  • My reaction to the film The E-Waste Tragedy

    The day started in meetings with recyclers from around the country and all over the world. Most were very friendly and enthusiastic about their recycling work. As Robin Ingenthron (founder of Fair Trade Recycling) introduced me to colleagues that in the hallway to the registration desks, he kept raising one of the most important topics I've been trying, over the past months, to find answers to - The case of Joe “Hurricane” Benson.

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