Safety & Best Practices

ISRI is dedicated to the ideal that our workers are our most precious commodities. ISRI’s rallying cry of “Safely, or not at all,” is more than empty words.  It reflects a commitment that our workers’ health and safety means more than profit.

ISRI Safety

ISRI Safety’s slate of programs and services was introduced back in January of 2006 and has been growing ever since.  We offer posters, videos, newsletters and more, but the heart of ISRI Safety lies in our outreach programs which bring ISRI Safety professionals face-to-face with our members at their facilities free of charge. 


The Recycling Industry Operating Standard™ (RIOS™) allows a recycling facility to stay ahead of market changes and to adhere to top performance standards. RIOS™ integrates the key operational QEH&S elements found in other international standards.

Metals Theft

The most effective way to address the problem of metal theft is through a comprehensive strategy focusing first on efforts to prevent metal theft to the maximum extent practicable and second on assisting law enforcement and prosecutors in their efforts to catch, prosecute, and penalize those who perpetrate these thefts to the extent necessary to dissuade their colleagues from a similar path.

Code of Conduct

The standards set forth in the Code reflect the commitment to professionalism and community service to which ISRI Members have long adhered, and they serve as a renewed promise that ISRI Members will continue to embody these ideals as their leadership role in local and global commerce continues to grow.

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