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Fear vs. Facts

What will it take to allay the public’s concerns about the safety of crumb rubber infill on synthetic turf fields?



  • TPP Trade Agreement to Benefit Scrap Industry

    As our industry celebrates World Trade Month, it is important to recognize the strong support that ISRI has for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement (TPP). ISRI is largely proud of the agreement’s elimination of most tariffs on scrap commodities. Our industry already brings in a lot of success for the United States in exporting commodities, and the tariffs elimination will allow for an even larger growth in industry triumph.
  • A Glimpse Into the History of ISRI and International Trade

    World Trade Week has been recognized by the recycling industry since President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed the yearly dedication to foreign trade by announcing the first National Foreign Trade Week to occur in the third week of May in 1933.
  • ISRI Exhibits, Presents at Re|Focus Plastic Recycling Conference

    Last week, ISRI participated in the Re|Focus Plastics Recycling Conference, hosted by the Society of Plastics Industry. The conference’s focus was to bring together all segments of the plastics supply chain – from virgin resin producers to plastic recyclers and everyone in-between.

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