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Lacey Capps
Chapter Relations Manager

Pittsburgh Chapter

About the Pittsburgh Chapter

The Pittsburgh Chapter began long ago when ISIS started its beginnings and when the steel industry was in its prime.   Pittsburgh has long been known as the Steel City and even though many of the mills have shut down, we still think of ourselves as the Steel City. Today most of the blast furnaces have been demolished , but the recycling industry continues to flourish.

We are all now part of the merger between ISIS (the Institute of Iron & Steel) and NARI (National Association of Recycling Industries) that took place in 1987 forming what is now known as ISRI, the Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries.  The Pittsburgh Chapter continues to be very active among the current 21 Chapters of the Institute.

Since the mid 1930’s, the recycling industry has continued its growth with many changes over the years.  Today, over 1600 recyclers are members of ISRI recycling metals, rubber, plastic, glass, paper, cardboard, just about everything imaginable that can be recycled while continuing to protect the environment for future generations.  The Pittsburgh Chapter is very proud to be a part of such an important group that continues to provide valuable resources for our businesses and to keep our country environmentally clean and safe from all kinds of potential hazards. 

The Pittsburgh Chapter currently has 47 Member companies that encompass the Western part of Pennsylvania extending from Altoona, PA to the Western State Line.  The Chapter also covers a small portion of Northern West Virginia.  While the borders cover the Western portion of Pennsylvania, there are member companies that outside those borders that may also belong to the Pittsburgh Chapter.

Please contact any of our leaders listed below to find out more about our chapter, we would love to speak with you.

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Board of Directors

Chapter President AMG Resources Corp 724 8253470
1st Vice President Lincoln Recycling (814) 724-2241
Treasurer Cronimet Corp (724) 375-5004
Secretary Christmann Enterprises LLC (724) 816-9794
Membership Chair ELG Metals Inc (412) 672-9200
Legislative Chair TMS International Corporation (412) 267-5226

Chapter Fly-In

Come to Washington, DC and lend your voice for the scrap recycling industry. ISRI will assist in preparing you to be an effective and confident advocate. Each chapter is invited to arrange their own fly-in during the year.

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